8 Creative Things you can do During your Vacation Time

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Anxiety is always mounting as we move closer to vacation time. After a long season of studies, who cannot use a break? But that is never our problem: vacation time will always come, however, the real question still remains.

What on earth am I going to do during my vacation time? That is everyone’s question and hence it needs an answer.

1. The Grass over the Ditch

When we were young, friend of ours broke her leg. It was common for us to go to the playground that was near our home. One evening, as our friend was running around, probably playing dodge ball, her leg got stuck in a tight ditch and she nearly left her entire leg in there.

You see, we were all seeing the grass but missed the ditch. It is the same with vacations. The green grass—which is the anxiety over finishing your final exams clouds the ditch—which really is—the vacation itself.

When we reach the ditch, we break because then it dawns on us that there was more to that place than the green grass, in fact there was a ditch!

We need to see the ditch. Not just that, we need to see it for what it is—a ditch.

2. Figure out what you really are

Photo: Sue R
Photo: Sue R

What do you want to do after school?

What interests you?

What opportunities lay before you?

What is that thing that gives you a ‘sense of purpose’?

The bottom line is: you need to find yourself. To use sports language, you need to find out what makes you tick.

It’s hard to do this during the course of your school year because you have studies to worry about which is why vacation time is really an important time to ask yourself these questions and more.

This will give you a sense of direction as you go on ahead with school.

3. Develop a Skill

What is your skill?

Is it football or basketball?

Is it writing or telling stories by way of talking?

Is it drawing or crafting beautiful pieces like wall hangings and paper cutouts?

Whatever it is, this is the time to sharpen it. Chances are high that you already love this skill of yours and from experience, I can tell you that as you grow, your skill needs to grow along—especially the technical bit of it—through practice.

Take this time to be a better footballer, basketballer, sprinter, musician, or artist. You will be grateful that you did.

4. Learn Something New

Photo: Steve Caddy/Pinterest
Photo: Steve Caddy/Pinterest

We live in the age of possibilities, and this automatically makes time a premium commodity. The question is: “what can you do today to be better tomorrow?”

Vacation time allows you time to explore new things.

Like learning a new language;


Photoshop design;

Preparing a unique delicacy; and many others.

Go out there and try something new, you will be surprised by how many possibilities you will open up for yourself.

5. Explore Spirituality

Faith is more important than we think it is. And everyone needs to ask the important question of “Is there a God who put me here for a specific reason?”

Spirituality is more important than physicality. You will one day die and your body will rot underground, the Good Book says:

“…for out of it you were taken;
for you are dust,
and to dust you shall return.”  (Genesis 3:19)

But then, your spirit will live forever, where your spirit lives after it has left your body is important. It will be either in eternal damnation or with God.

6. Serve the Community

Since you don’t have classes to wake up to, why not take some time to contribute to wellbeing of your community? Remember that as you went to school every morning, men and women gave in their time to see to it that your community is worth living in.

Think about volunteering in your local town administration, in reaching the needy with the necessary social services. What about reading kids in a local public school?

You will be stunned by what you will learn—about yourself and other people—along the way.

7. Help out at home

There are chores at home to be done. It’s important to find time and dig into them.

You will not appreciate what other people do so that you can have supper until you dig into the daily grind. Help out. Ask if there is anything you can do.

Furthermore, because of budget constraints, you can find a job to help pay the bills at home. Not all people are fortunate to have a big financial base, but at least you are fortunate enough to have people, or someone who loves you and is ready to provide for you. Ask them if there is any way you could be of help.

8. Build Something

Chances are that you have a dream of starting your own company, or non-profit. This is the time to go in and smell the environment. You are going to make a lot of mistakes along the way but you will be thankful for the lessons you will learn.

So and go dream. Go and build something you will be proud of later in life.

Vacation is a critical time, and how you use it really is important. Plan for it, set realistic targets and work towards them. You will then see how critical this time is in your development.

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