7 Reasons Why you should Never Skip Classes

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Yes it’s true that while at University, students have freedom to do almost anything and that includes attending or skipping classes. University has no strict conditions like high school where skipping a class is punishable, well at university you can choose to skip a class but I assure you that you eventually pay for it directly or indirectly.

I have put together seven reasons why attending every class while at university is very important for your final GPA and a great career ahead of you!

  1. You never miss any quiz

The most sensitive issue at a university is that every assignment given in class however small it might be contributes to your final GPA. Most professors at almost every college give quizzes to their students at some point. Theses quizzes usually are marked out of 5/10/ or 15. The good news is that you can’t miss any if you attend regularly and the reverse is true.

  1. You never miss out any insights

University education is more of analyzing issues and research and this brings in more discussions between professors and students. You may have all the reasons to skip a class, but think about the missing an open discussion you could possibly benefit from.

  1. A chance to ask Questions

University education is very different from high school, students have a lot to cover in a very limited time and besides, work is very sophisticated at this stage and more research is needed for one to go through. Attending all classes therefore gives you a chance to ask any questions from the previous lessons or from the research made

  1. Social

It’s true that sometimes classes can bore you due to some reasons but look here, you can use that time before and after class to interact with friend. This gives you a chance to even ask your classmates some of unclear topics covered previously

  1. You are Saved from copying Wrong Note

Now this is serious, when you skip a class sometimes you ask your buddy for notes later. The question is, are they giving you the correct notes? Chances for getting wrong ones are high and even if you get correct notes, you will have missed an incredible explanation and hit discussion in class.

  1. Confident for any assignments

The fact that you attend classes regularly gives you confidence to do any assignment easily. This can be a quiz, test or even final exams.

  1. You Paid for it.

Well, the fact that university is becoming very expensive, as a student you should really make most out of your courses. It might be you yourself or your parent paying tuition for your college education but the issue is, you need to utilize your resources very well.

Remember, every course unit is paid for and the bad news is that when you fail any of the units, you pay for it again in the next academic year!

Now that you know there is much to gain by attending every class while at university and the reverse is true, you should try it out.

Head over to the comment section and tell us why you think attending classes is a good thing, don’t forget to share some experiences class as well!



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