7 Rare Tips to Help You Win that Dream Internship

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To help you nail that internship, we at randyhacks have reached out to give you our best tips on the “do’s” and “don’ts” when applying for internships. Our first tip? Never turn down free advice.

Read on.

Do your Homework.

Read up on the opening and the organization offering it. Gather your thoughts on why you’d be a good fit.

Complete your Application Thoughtfully.

Wherever you can, be sure to demonstrate your ability to think ‘outside’ of the box. Show how you can be the kind of proactive intern the organization would be crazy to overlook.

Don’t Come off like a Flake.

Have an answer for questions on where you want to be in five years. Nobody expects you to have a complete road-map of your future, but be ready and able to explain a general direction of where you’re headed and how the internship will help you.

Value the Internship and be Ready with your Answers

“Why this organization?” This is especially true if the internship is not in an industry that matches your long term goals. Find the common denominator between the internship and your interests, then be able to communicate that.

Be Adventurous

Don’t be afraid to take an internship in an area you don’t want to be in forever. Internships are a great way to help you decide what you want to do and many of the skills you’ll learn will be transferable.

It’s Okay to Say No.

You want to get the most value out of a short period of time. If, after speaking with the hiring team, this internship doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, let them know. They will understand and even appreciate it, they want the right person just as much as you want the right internship.

It’s Okay to Say No–again.

If an interview time doesn’t work for you, tell them. Hiring managers understand people are busy, we’re all busy. And nobody wants to conduct an interview with background noise from a bus or busy street. Just let them know the best time that does work. Then be prepared!

Nabbing the right internship lets you add to your resume, but best of all it gives you the opportunity to work hands-on in your chosen industry, gaining skills you simply can’t get in a classroom.

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